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Written by@Keith Davis, Jr.
Hi, Im Keith! Currently, I work for Asure Software as a DevSecOps Engineer. I have my Bachelor's in Computer Science & my Master's in Cybersecurity.


May 23, 2021

“Hidden” Jenkins Feature

TLDR: For those that use a Jenkinsfile instead of build steps created within Jenkins, have you ever used the Snippet Generator feature?. What Is Jenkins To begin, what is Jenkins? According to their …

February 27, 2021

1,000 Blog Users 🎉

Hi all, Thank you so much for the support. We have officially hit 1,000 unique blog users 🎉 When I first created my blog site, I had no intentions on my blog site being read by this many people. I si…

February 03, 2021

The Hidden Gem: Dependency Track

TLDR: Dependency Track, an open-source continuous component analysis platform, is a great application to use to manage your open source libraries and their licenses when on a tight budget. How Did I …

November 17, 2020

SonarQube Was Hacked?!?!

TLDR: According to an official FBI alert, SonarQube instances were breached, causing source code to end up in the hands of hackers. But what really happened? You may have missed this news because of …

April 28, 2020

“COVID Update”: Are you going to sink or swim?

On April 7th, a Tuesday, I noticed a random meeting popped up on my schedule for 11:30am. The title of the meeting was simply “COVID Update.” Initially, I assumed this meeting was to tell employees a…

April 08, 2020

Whitelisting Microsoft Hosted Build Agents within Azure DevOps

With SaaS on the rise, more companies are hosting their applications in “the cloud.” One of the top cloud providers today is Microsoft Azure. According to Microsoft, 95% of Fortune 500 companies trus…

March 01, 2020

You've heard of DevOps, but what is DevSecOps?

TLDR: A quick dive into DevOps, the problem with traditional Application Security, and how DevSecOps is being adopted to rule out tradional application security. A Bit on DevOps To start, let’s make …

March 01, 2020

So You Want To Buy A House?

My name is Keith Davis, and I am going to give homebuying tips and advice from my personal experience. Growing up, since I was about 14, I always said I’m going to buy my first house when I graduate…