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DevSecOps Pipeline

TLDR: DevSecOps is the process of  automating security within the Software Development Life Cycle. Here’s a guide loaded with resources to help your company Shift Everywhere.

Where’s the guideline?

Below, you will find an interactive genially presentation that has a handful of cheatsheets, tools, conferences, guidelines, and much more! Although I haven’t blogged in literally 2 years, I’ve included the knowledge I’ve gained during that time in this presentation.

Feel free to full-screen the presentation

Are Conclusions Always This Short?

Although this framework wasn’t in-depth, it did lay out the foundation and overview needed to Shift Everywhere. If you have any questions or need help introducing DevSecOps practices at your company, reach out to me and let’s work!

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September 13, 2023

Written by@Keith Davis, Jr.
Hi, I'm Keith! Welcome to my blog site. I have my Bachelor's in Computer Science & my Master's in Cybersecurity.