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Hi all,

Thank you so much for the support. We have officially hit 1,000 unique blog users 🎉 When I first created my blog site, I had no intentions on my blog site being read by this many people. I simply wanted a platform where I could share my experiences from my life and my career. With this being said, I split my blog site into 2 parts, Technology & Life.

Within the life portion, I wanted a place I could share my experiences and provide motivation. Within the community I was raised, a lot of us grow up not believing we can achieve certain things, so I wanted to be a small voice and example to show them that we can do it. In addition, a lot of people simply need a person to motivate them to keep going forward. Since I consider myself a relatable person and not some big and famous motivational speaker, I wanted people to feel comfortable with reading my posts and asking me questions directly.

When it comes to my technology posts, I wanted a place where I could share my experiences and knowledge as I advanced through my career. One day, I would like to be seen as a subject matter expert in my field. I know it will take time and a lot of experience, so I wanted my blog posts to reflect the things I’ve learned on this journey. In addition, since I love to motivate individuals, I want my technology blog posts to help someone starting out their career where I started and offer knowledge from a “not-too-technical” perspective.

In either case, I definitely didn’t expect for my blogs to reach over 1,000 users in over 60 countries. Check out a couple analytical highlights below:

Top 2 Countries

  • United States
  • United Kingdom

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Another celebration worth mentioning

My blog site will reach it’s 1-year anniversary on March 1st.

Thank you for the support once again. As always, continue to be great!

February 27, 2021

Written by@Keith Davis, Jr.
Hi, Im Keith! Currently, I work for Asure Software as a DevSecOps Engineer. I have my Bachelor's in Computer Science & my Master's in Cybersecurity.